Encinitas Lions Club Welcomes New Members

Encinitas Lions Club President Sandra Mangini, welcomes new member Jane Hendricks, and her Lions Club sponsor and husband David Dekker, and new member Anthony Ybarra, and his Lions Club sponsor Ron Zehr.

The Encinitas Lions Club is part of Lions Club International with 1,300,000 members in 200 countries and territories. The Encinitas Lions Club is a non-profit service organization dedicated to those in need in our local community with 100% of monies raised going to activities to support that goal. From a modest membership of 20 the club has grown to over 50 men and women in the past several years.

For information on how you may join or assist this growing group of community minded people call 760/436-7528.

Our Members

Barro, Lino LRBarro@roadrunner.com

Esquibel, Anthony green18team@yaho.com

Goskowicz, Tony Trgosko@LCGlen.com

Crawford, Karen Karecter@aol.com
Crawford, William BILL4L2@aol.com
Dekker, David DSquare@cox.net
Drew, Pat nzpatdrew@sbcglobal.net
Ellisor, Cory Cory@mlbinc.com
Ellisor, Cal Cal@mlbinc.com

Gorgone, Rose Rogo2@roadrunner.com

Greenberg, Dr. Jeffrey Zeydax@aol.com
Hafeez, Anwar ah@sdcassociates.com

Hardebeck, Tom Thardebeck@yahoo.com

Mangini, Robert bmangini@sbcglobal.net
Mangini, Sandra sandysseabluff@sbcglobal.net
Montrucchio, Sally Sjmont1@cox.net
Owen, Dr. James encinitasod@cox.net
Pollack, Rinkie rinkies@roadrunner.com

Scoffin, Carol Scoffin2@sdccu.net
Scoffin, Mickey Scoffin1@sdccu.net

Smith, Dennis lion@sandiegohomes4u.com 760-436-0087

Trotter, Jennifer Jerry@Jaemar.com

Walworth, Richard RVwalworth@aol.com
Wittmer, Jan 1)
Wittmer, Tom

Von Berg, Erick erick..vonberg@wachoviasee.com
Zack,MD John Eyeballsemail-lions@yahoo.com
Zehr, Jackie rgzehr@cox.net
Zehr, Ron rzehr@cox.net

Any member of our Lions Club, with a username and password, can easily contribute to our website. Go to the Help Center to learn how to navigate and update our website.

1) JanisWittmer@aol.com
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